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Kell Junior Lacrosse

Equipment Checklist


Similar to men's lacrosse, which requires players to wear helmets, girl’s lacrosse players must wear goggles. These goggles are not like swim goggles, but rather almost create a cage around the eye area. Lacrosse goggles have an eye shield, and a stretchy band that wraps around the back of the head to keep them on. These are worn to protect the player’s eyes from getting hit by the ball, or accidentally with a stick.


Mouth guard

All lacrosse players are required to wear a mouthguard. At the start of every game, the team must line up and have the referee check that they have a proper mouth guard. An example of an improper mouth guard would be one that is cut too small. The reason behind wearing a mouth guard protects not only your teeth, but also your brain. A mouth guard acts as a shock absorber so that if you get hit hard it can help lessen the risk of getting a concussion.



Without a stick, you cannot play lacrosse. Girl’s lacrosse sticks have a smaller pocket than men’s sticks, because there is hardly any contact. The referee will also check to make sure the pocket is regulation depth. Lacrosse sticks come in all different lengths and styles. It is possible to purchase the complete stick, or just the shaft or head. Goalies use a special stick that has a longer shaft and a much wider head.



Because lacrosse is usually played on grass, cleats are the most appropriate type of shoe. Lacrosse involves a lot of running and quick changes in direction, so wearing cleats helps to give better traction to the ground. Sometimes however, lacrosse is also played on turf fields where cleats are not allowed. It is best to check beforehand what the playing surface is going to be like and see which shoe is best to wear based on league regulations.